These sites provide resources for IWBs and they can often be used by students on computers:

Whiteboard Resources(Compiled by Wendy Pearce Kyneton PS)
Ampitheatre - older studentsBBC - KS2 Bitesize RevisionBBC - Schools - Ages 4-11BBC - Schools - Games 4-11BBC - Schools - Games 7-11BBC - Schools - HomepageBBC - Schools Ages 4-11 - Geography SitesBGfL - WhiteboardsBoard with TeachingCoxshoeCrickweb Early YearsGlobal ClassroomICT gamesICT in Grid for LearningKingston on ThamesLondon Grid for LearningNAACE (MAPE)NGFL CYmru homepageNorthern GridNorthumberlandOswegoPBS KIDS GO!Primary GamesPrimary ResourcesSchool ZoneSMART - EducationTopmarks interactiveVirtual DiceWest MidlandswickED - Interactives NZWoodlands

literacy all

Create a Charactercreate newspaper brochure booklet flyerlook say cover input words Make a Flip BookRoom 108 Dolch Word GamesStory BuilderVirtual poetry fridge magnet wordsWhomp!

literacy lower

Read All About Me Sandcastle Quiz GameAlphabet order wordsarthurflap bookBBC first sounds gamecvc_machine cool musicGoldilocksHansel & Gretelhifrequency words rhebus cluesJim's Crankaphone cvc soundsJim's Whirlyword Machine cvcletterlifter initial lettersMonkey Business word orderpawpark2 alphabet orderRainbow's Edge storiesreadign cvc words machine&picScrambled storiesStories CBeebies - Fimbles - Comfy CornerStory Time with Roly Mo - Sunil StoryStorybook The Butterfly Trail (with sound)The Golden BallThe Little Animals Activity CentreThe Missing Pencil (without sound)The Tooth Fairy sotry and comprehensionThe Wishing Tree (with sound)Two more thanWrite a Postcard Game phonicsWriting stories CYMRUzoo upper and lower case match

literacy middle

Spellbound look then spellArgument BitesizeChoosing Adjectivescontractions & negativesDictionary skills BitesizehangmouseHeadlineshomophones concentrationPoetry BitesizeSpellits spelling challengespin prefix&suffixStory planning spy storystoryplanning settingSyllable Factory

literacy upper

Argument BitesizeBBC - Skillswise Words - Match the pairs game to practise homophonesDeductionDictionary skills BitesizeHeadlinesPlay Whomp!Poems to make watch and hearRhymeZone rhyming dictionary and thesaurusstory planning settingStory planning spy storyText twister

numeracy all

Interactive calendarBig blue calculatorCastle Quests tablescompare numbers up to 10000Create A GraphDesign a tessellation online (triangle grid)frogs and ladders number order 1-3guessthenumberhi-low guess the numberIcy Slides, Flips, and TurnsInteractivate Tessellate!Kali Symmetric Sketchingmath cats story problemsMathematical Gamesmaths puzzleMaths teachers tool kitMaths Whack 'Em Boosternumberbond to 100odds & evens to 100Place value toolRAINFORESTMathsrandom number generatorspeed grid addition all levelstangram1tangrams 2 goodtangramsTessellation Town The Frog PuzzleYahtzee on Ambleweb

numeracy lower

Ann and Addem's dartboard gameAdam Ant Explores Perimetersaddem bbcBBC - Number Time- Play a gameBead colour sequencingBead Numbers Place value to hundredsBuzzing with Shapes no of sides tic tac toecalculation balance all numberclock move hands by minutes hourCorodinates 2 up to 5Count Us In GamesCount Us In ordinalcounting_cars no sequenceDigital&analogue matchgamebone 100 grid missing nohickory basic time to quarter hourhidden craft grid labelsladybird mathsMath Cats BalanceMend the number squaremostlyPostie kg gmmucky monsetr more or less thanNo words to 10, orderrabbit takeaway to 20shapes match and hear namesSnapdragon oclocksort shapes 2D 2 criteriasort trianglessorting shapessplat reveal 100splatsquare 100spookyseq to 10spookyseq to 50stop the clock to half hourTwo less thanTwo more thanweigh it up

numeracy middle

multiplication and division machineaddition machine 3 levels add answeraddition machinebang on time clock wordsbar graph makerBBC - Number Time- Mend the number squarecalculation balance all numberclock move hands by minutes hourCoordinates to 15counting_cars no sequenceCrazy counting machine make no halve etcdividermachinedivision bingodivision machinefootball 10lessthanfunkymumaddto20funkymumsimple additiongamebone 100 grid missing noghostadd2digits to 100in out machine guess ruleJungle Jim multiplication revisionJungle Jim tablesLIFEGUARDS place valueMath Cats BalanceMaths Mysteries sequence&place valueMeasurement activitiesmultiplication tableno sequencesnumber balanceNumbers to 1,000 MABNumbers to 1,000 place value 2place value dartsPlace Value Partyreally Big numberssharknumberssharkNumbers_v2SMILEY CLOCKSolid shape concentrationsort 2D shapes 2 criteriasorting shapes right anglesspookyseq to 50stop the clock time to 5 minsstory planning vocab settingsum senses single digittabletreestangram

numeracy upper

Comparing fractions, decimals and percentages gameaddition machine type in answersaddition machinebar graph makerBBC - Schools - KS2 Bitesize Revision - MathsBig numberscalculation balance all numberCrazy counting machine make no halve etcCrickweb KS2 Numeracydividermachinedivision bingofractionsIlluminations Geometric Solids rotatein out machine guesss rulemagic cauldronmath magician times operationsmathematical games for year 6maths activs for grade 6maths adventure guess the numberMaths Millionaire (Mathionaire)mean median rangeMeasurement activitiesmultiplication tablenumber sequencer above 100place value dartsprotractor whats my anglepyramidspeed grid addition 2 nosstop the clock time to 5 minsstory planning vocab settingtabletreestangramVenn diagramsWashing line decimal number order


Build-a-SaurusDino viewerDinosaur BonesDinosaur jigsawDinosaur memoryDinosaur videos Discovery chanelDinosaurs - Show meDinosphereDinosuar gamesInteractive dinosuar tourT.Rex The Killer Question

Disasters - Natural DisastersDiscovery Channel Earthquake Make a QuakeHawaiian adventureiKnowthat earthquakes volcanoesNatural Disaster GamesNatural Disasters Information, Natural Disasters Facts, Extreme Weather Videos - National Geogrvolcano simulatorVolcanoes, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes—Forces of Nature Science, Maps, Photos, Video (Na


Antarctica Interactive MapBBC - Schools Ages 4-11 - Geography SitesCompass directionsgeography GamesGeography linksLive from AntarcticaWorld Atlas Interactive Political Atlas of the World


Peer GyntBaltimore Symphony Orchestra KidsBBC Music gamesBeatmachineCreating MusicMusic Pattern BuilderMusical Mysteries BBC SchoolsNew York Philharmonicpiano onlinePlay MusicSan Francisco Symph OrchestraSequenzaThe young persons guide to the orchestravirtual metronomevirtual xylophone


Electric CircuitsBBC - Schools - KS2 Bitesize Revision - ScienceBBC - Schools Science Clips - Ages 5-6Earth's RotationNature Grid UKOn The Resource Trailsolar systemThe Amazing Human BodyThe Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits (Coming soon!!)Weather Watch
SFSKIDS musicCalamity's Quest ShapeChristmas linksHealthy eatingSafe Places
label diceTimer with sound

Click onto the icons and links below to go to some wonderful IWB resources.

List of IWB resource websites collated by a teacher in South Australia. Lots of UK links for resources related to Easiteach, Smartboards and Promethean (plus more!)

List from the UK with primary and secondary resources plus resources based on Board types

A UK site with lots of resources - follow the link to Interactive Whiteboard resources

Search for Interactive Whiteboard resources (it's part of the Learning Technologies section) plus lots more including a range of ICT resources

SMART Technologies website. This links goes directly to a list of Notebook lesson activities for a range of countries. If you can't find anything for Australia, try UK or Canada.

List under the headings of General, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies from the Technology Center for the Deaf in Florida USA

This is a link to a sharepoint site in the UK which has lots of smartboard tutorials and help files.
IWB Getting Started Files

This is a link to a wiki set up in 2008 as an IWB Challenge. Each week staff were challenged to try something new. Check it out and get some ideas.

Lots of interactive activities for primary school. Very popular with teachers.

Spelling City This is another popular site with teachers.

This site has links to easiteach lessons

A collection of great interactives

The Whiteboard Forum - lots of discussion and ideas.
The Whiteboard Forum

Lots of ideas and resources to be adapted.

The WhiteBoard Blog
A network of teachers
Join the new Primary Teachers Network at It has lots and lots of IWB resources available.

Downloadable Easiteach resources
A wonderful site to create a cute avatar - would be fun on the IWB

Check out these showcases on ePotential
IWB Showcase ePotential

Research findings on IWB Research on IWBs from UK, worth following.

The Interactive Whiteboards, Pedagogy and Pupil Performance Evaluation: An Evaluation of the Schools Whiteboard
Expansion (SWE) Project: London Challenge

Recent research into IWBs
Research 2008 - Innovations Showcase

Successful Use of ICT in Schools - VIT Digest 2009/1

Widgets Choose Totally Free Teacher Tools, also The Hat & Cool Timer (sorry only available for windows users).

Create magnificent word clouds -


DigiLearn Objects These are just a couple of the hundreds of learning objects you can find at
Remember to use the student access codes for your class
Wishball: whole numbers
Area counting with Coco
Area of triangles
Cassowary sanctuary (fractions)

New Lots of resources, ideas and discussion

Below is a link to a slideshow with a collection of ideas for flipcharts

Below is a link to a slideshow displaying software which is particularly useful on the big screen of an IWB

You have an IWB - Now What? A wiki of a presentation by Chris Betcher in Montreal. Lots of additional resources

If you have Promethean whiteboard, try these links.
Promethean Planet is a site that provides free downloadable flipcharts. There is also a section where practicing teachers share what they have created.

If you have a SmartBoard, try these links
To download the software you will need to use go to this link. There is an expectation that you will only use this software on the SmartBoard.
For SmartBoard teacher resources try here.,index&zs=n Provides a normal and dedicated versions of number of whiteboard resources and activities for foundation, primary and secondary classes.
Purchasing an Interactive Whiteboard An IWB community - read their comments and check out the resources. A good activity where words can be moved around. Interactive maths activities These are wonderful online tools - include some thinking tools. I really like the POSTIT activity. resources for the Promethean brand of board. Various resources form Australia An online IWB. very interesting. SmartBoard resources Various resources - some links may be dead. More maths interactives - some for senior students. Make poetry with those cool little magnets - this ones for kids...