Workshop Overview

Introduction to the concept of Web 2.0
  • To look at some education uses for Wikis.
  • To construct our own basic Wiki for a student learning project.

A look at three samples of Wikis used for education,
As a teacher tool: School Yard Blitz
As a space to share professional learning: Thinking With Technology
As a student project: Sandhurst Kids Conference

Planning the Wiki content to support your unit of work
  • Begin with the current Key Question for the inquiry you are working with at the moment.
  • Consider using some of the resource files and hyperlinks you have already found to support your students inquiry.

Two approaches to learning about Wikis
First, just make one!
  • Learn step by step with the group
  • Use the wiki tutorials ( the 'help' link in the top right corner is always available)
Getting Started
  • Editing text
  • Making links (internal and external pages)
  • Changing the look and feel
  • Adding pictures and files
  • Use a project Google calendar

Helpful links
Intel sample plans
Introduction videos
Teacher ideas
Try blogging
Making an e-portfolio Helen Barrett's site